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It’s Time to Face Social Media for Investor Relations

“But social media for investor relations won’t work for my company!”

The use of social media is radically changing the way our society communicates – and the investment community is no exception.  But many investor relations officers still refuse to use social media as an IR tool.  I’ve heard any number of reasons why “social media for IR won’t work for my company.”  Our business model is primarily B2B.  The retail shareholder base is small.  Our market cap is less than $500 million.  My corporate counsel tends to be conservative regarding disclosure.  Notwithstanding the huge volume of research that supports the use of social media in IR, I think it would be easier to land a lunch with Warren Buffett than to convince the typical IRO to set up a Twitter account.

I recently spent a whirlwind of a week focused on social media in investor relations.  The NIRI Westchester Connecticut chapter invited me to serve on a panel discussion entitled, “Investor Relations and Twitter – To Do or Not to Do?” with Darrell Heaps, president & CEO at Q4 Websystems (@darrellheaps), Dan Dykens, co-president at Meet the Street (@meetthestreet), and Doug Chia, senior counsel & assistant corporate secretary at Johnson & Johnson (@dougchia).   I was pleased to see that more than half the room had at least been on Twitter.  Two questions seemed to preoccupy the audience:  “what should we know about using Twitter,” and “how can we use it as part of an effective IR strategy?” Continue reading


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