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IRO-zilla and the Earnings Call

There is a popular cable network TV show called Bridezillas that often depicts women planning their wedding day as high-strung, unreasonable and at times displaying jaw-dropping outrageous behavior.  Of course, this makes for great reality TV, but at times I find myself sympathizing with these women.  After all, it will be the biggest day of their lives – it had better go as planned! 

Similarly, the quarterly earnings call is one of the biggest days in the career of investor relations professionals and their companies.  A seamless call is an IRO’s opportunity to shine.  A call riddled with issues will damage his or her credibility.  These calls require weeks of careful planning to ensure that the right messages are communicated effectively to shareholders.  However, much like the bridezillas have to rely on other people to design a dress, coordinate the flower arrangements, bake the cake, etc., IROs must work with a variety of outside providers for the services necessary to facilitate an earnings call.  With so much riding on the line, there is no shame in taking on the IRO-zilla role and demanding, rather, clearly stating needs and expectations.  The IRO’s professional reputation is at stake. Continue reading

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