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5 Keys to Communicating a Compelling Retail Investment Story

By David Calusdian, Executive Vice President

For those IROs and CFOs new to the retail sector, the Woman holding shopping bagspractice of investor relations can seem like a whole new field – with new players, metrics and ways to communicate.  And while best practices and the fundamentals of IR still hold true, there is a lot to learn before you can expertly communicate your retail company’s story to the investment community. Here are five tips to get you started.

1) Be Transparent.

Investors in retail stocks are accustomed to receiving robust and quality information about the companies they follow. Continue reading

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How to Build a Compelling Investment Thesis for Your Investor Presentation

In a recent blog post, “Giving Life to Your Investor Presentation,” David Calusdian suggests a number of valuable ways to improve not only the investor presentation itself but importantly the delivery of the content. One critical element identified by David is the development of a strong investment thesis that ultimately binds the presentation together. What are the secret ingredients that make for a compelling investment thesis? The answer to this question lies with investors and Wall Street analysts – your audience. As a former equity analyst, global sector head and portfolio manager who’s constructed, presented and reviewed hundreds of investment theses, here are several elements worth mentioning:  Continue reading


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