What’s In / What’s Out for IR In 2015

By Andrew Blazier, Senior Associate

It’s once again time for our tongue-in-cheek roadmap of what’s in and what’s out in investor relations, and more, for the upcoming year. We hope you enjoy, and have a happy and successful 2015.

In Out
Video earnings calls Audio-only earnings calls
Taking activist shareholders’ calls Hiding under your desk
Instagram and Snapchat Facebook
LinkedIn job postings Everything else
Serial Siri
Open letters Paper
Breakfast meetings Lunch meetings
Financial highlights on earnings calls Reading earnings releases verbatim
More Q&A time on earnings calls Gadfly questions
IPOs Tax inversions
Posting call transcripts Hunting on third-party sites
Crisis communications plans Flying by the seat of your pants
Small caps Salary caps
Social media Social Distortion
Republicans Democrats
Board diversity Grumpy Old Men
Third-string quarterbacks Nick Saban
Grexit Ancient Greek
Shareholder activism Eric Holder
Sequels Sequins
Biometrics The metric system

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