What’s In/What’s Out for Investor Relations in 2012

By Jim Buckley

To kick off the New Year, we decided to renew an old Sharon Merrill tradition and take a lighthearted look at what’s in and what’s out in investor relations and related areas in 2012.  Hope you enjoy, and have a happy and successful 2012.

What’s In What’s Out
Program trading Insider trading
Oral “Safe Harbors” Shareholder litigation
Corporate access Corporate excess
Baby boomers E*TRADE baby commercials
Long-only investors Short sellers
Flash mobs Flash trades
Wall Street layoffs Occupy Wall Street
iPads/iPhones Blackberries
Renminbi The Euro
Whisper numbers Consensus estimates
Proxy Access Snail mail
Optimism Pessimism
Mergers Kardashian weddings
Oil and gas stocks Oil spills
Domestic hiring Offshoring
Transparency Dark pools
ETFs Money market funds
Penny candy Penny stocks
Say on pay Golden parachutes
Traditional financial analysis Expert networks
Risk management Corporate scandals
Russell 2000 Pink Sheets
Investment clubs Ponzi schemes
Millionaires Billionaires
InvestorRelations.com Google+

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2 responses to “What’s In/What’s Out for Investor Relations in 2012

  1. Well done, Jim.

    While there are many very entertaining links in your list, you touch on some very important issues, such as Oral “Safe Harbors” and Say on Pay.


  2. Christine Pietryla

    Love this list!

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